EPSY 7250E


Programming and Curriculum Development for the Gifted

Instructor - Jane Tillitski, Ph.D.

Models to be Explored:

  • Parallel Curriculum Model
  • Enrichment Triad Model
  • Autonomous Learner Model
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmes
  • Multiple Menu Model
  • Incubation Model of Teaching

Your work on the wiki can include a variety of items and should showcase that you have a deep understanding of the model. A few suggestions to include:
  • A “visual” of the model
  • Pros and cons of the model according to the group’s perspectives
  • History behind the development of the model
  • Examples of how the model has been implemented
  • Interview with someone who has worked with the model
  • Effectiveness across grade levels, disciplines, and types of schools
  • Suggestions for smooth implementation of the model or improvements to the model
  • Personal insights, “a-ha” moments, or connections to other programs or experiences
  • Video clips about the model