Students whose families move on a regular basis (ex: military families) have a continuous curriculum that they are studying. They don't have to worry about being behind when they get to a new school.

EXPENSIVE: Costs include: Extra staff to organize and implement the program. Testing (sending student work to other countries for grading).
Community Involvement: Students are required to work in the community, and learn the importance of community service.
Community involvement: Make sure you are relaying all the information to the community. Getting community to help.

Students learn to appreciate other cultures and languages.

Assessment based on International Rubric: Students' accustomed to making A's on normal grading system, where they have an A based on their current academic level, are upset because the grading scale is growth over time and finds areas of improvement.

Ensuring that all IB School Staff interpret the program the same. Even at conferences people may interpret the overarching ideas differently, and that is detrimental to the idea of the IB Program. (Human error)