Dr. Joseph Runzulli is one of the preeminent authorities in the world of gifted education and research. For almost 50 years, Dr. Renzulli has been writing, educating, researching, and testing different program models to aid gifted students and teachers with their goal of effectively challenging students to think on a higher level and to use critical thinking skills. Dr. Renzulli did his undergraduate work at Glassboro State College in 1958 and actually holds two Doctorate degrees in Educational Psychology; one from the University of Virginia and one from Rutgers University. He went on to be a teacher from 1958 to 1963 but then quickly became a professor of educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut in 1966. His research and contributions to the field of gifted education resulted in him being named a Professor of Gifted Education at the same school in 1996, a role which he still serves to this day.

His other accomplishments are E_Renzulli_2.jpgserving as the director of the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented as well as serving as a Fellow in the American Psychological Association. For his distinguished work, he was designated Board of Distinguished Trustees Professor twice at the University of Connecticut, was awarded an honorary Doctors of Law degree from McGill University, and was even a consultant to the White House on the topic of gifted education and development.


His biggest accomplishments, however, have been his writings as they have influenced not only the nation, but the world in how to identify giftedness in students and then develop it to show growth. Ranging from his 1978 publication, What Makes Giftedness? Reexamining a Definition, to his work published in 1994, Schools for Talent Development: A practical plan for total school improvement, to even his work titled, The Multiple Menu Model for Developing Differentiated Curriculum, Dr. Renzulli has spent his life’s work cultivating an educational culture that caters to the gifted and talented.

His best published work, however, is his writing on the Enrichment Triad Model, also known as the Schoolwide Enrichment Model. The rest of the links and sites will bring to light details about the Enrichment Triad model and just exactly how it has changed the face of gifted education.