Below are some ALM related videos from I hope you enjoy the clips below!

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO! I think this sums up exactly what the point of the ALM is--if run successfully. I would love to let my own students run the class as well; I love this video and example of ALM implemented in an elementary classroom!!! It not only shows their academic skills but their social skills improving as well.

Achieving Autonomous Learning

A keynote presentation explaining the role of teachers in helping to develop autonomous learners through the role played by resources they deploy, their curriculum plan, and the assessment techniques they use and well as their teaching methods.


This video explores the way in which the life opportunities are changing for young people leaving school today and the skills they might need in order to be successful in this "brave new world."

A Conversation About Gifted/ALM

This clip is great because you get to hear not only from George Betts, but many other Gifted specialists that some of you may of heard of in this class or other gifted courses. It's great to put a face with the name and actually hear them speak about gifted education!

Main Points of ALM

This video is a great reminder of points that we as teachers should remember about ourselves and about our students. It was created either by George Betts himself or someone created it based on his texts (I can't really tell!). But I like the list; it serves as a great reminder of the important points to remember about ALM.