Autonomous Learner Model

The Autonomous Learner Model

by Julie Kristin & Richard Whatley

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AUTONOMOUS LEARNER: "one who solves problems or develops new ideas through a combination of divergent and convergent thinking and functions with minimal external guidance in selected areas of endeavor"

Professor George Betts and Jolene Kercher devised The Autonomous Learner Model (ALM) to promote self-directed learning in gifted and talented students. The major goal of the model is to facilitate the growth of students as independent, self-directed learners, with the development of skills, concepts, and positive attitudes within the cognitive, emotional, and social domains. Please review our links below to learn more about this model!

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This video below is posted in the clips page, but I wanted to post it here too because it really sums up the goals of the ALM. I absolutely love this video and how the teacher implemented ALM in his classroom. If you read/watch anything on this wiki, this should be it!