The five dimensions of the Autonomous Learner Model progress a student to the role of an independent learner. Each component has a list of activities that facilitate the growth of students to become self-directed learners.

Dimension One: Orientation
The Orientation dimension is the foundation for independent learning. Students have the opportunity to build a basic understanding of giftedness, and their own interests and abilities.

Dimension Two: Individual Development
The Individual Development dimension helps students improve their learning skills, consider future career possibilities, and develop a positive attitude for lifelong learning.

Dimension Three: Enrichment
Enrichment Activities emphasize awareness of what is outside the classroom to be studied, how to pursue these topics, and how to synthesize the information into a meaningful product.

Dimension Four: Seminars
The fourth dimension, Seminar, provides opportunities for students to design, implement, and evaluate a structured learning experience that is shared with other interested people in the school and community.

Dimension Five: In-depth Study
The final dimension, In-depth Study, provides an opportunity for learners to select an area of interest that will be studied in-depth over a long period of time.